Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy to be back

We arrived back from NY last night, The journeys were a nightmare, We had torrential rain most of the way up and the normally 9 hour trip took over 14, At times there was 6'' plus of water on the roads which meant plenty of crashes and tail backs, The funeral was the most colourful i have ever been to with thousands of dollars worth of flowers, I was asked if i would take a few pictures which i would normally shy away from but the scene was so colourful and peaceful that i did not hesitate, There is a growing market here for funeral photograhers and i have personally been asked to do it and have always refused but of they were like this funeral with a beautiful wake and then pipers at the church which in itself was like the sistine chapel i could see that capturing the day tastefully would be worth doing, My wife's aunt was truly loved and around 400-500 people turned up at the wake and the police even supplied 8 cars to see us unstopped through the NY traffic, So a sad end to the year and we know of 3 people who passed over the Xmas period, I hope that 2012 is clear as far as funerals go as i seem to have at least 1 a year at the moment
I hope that you have a great and safe new years night and that 2012 is a good one both photographically and personally,
I can now get down to do some serious processing so that the next blogs can be somewhat more colourful


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