Thursday, 8 December 2011

Photographers Ephemeris....or where the Sunrises/Sunsets to you and me

I have blogged about this great bit of software before a couple of years ago.

Having had it on my Netbook for more than two years, it is one of the great tools for both wildlife and landscape photographers in that you can check anywhere in the world and on any day of the year where and when the sun comes up and goes down. It is a tool that I used when taking the shots on this blog earlier this year.

For PC use, you will need to download Adobe Air.

However, Stephen Trainor has added the App version for iOS, again which I blogged about earlier this year, and more importantly it is now available on the Android system, so I now have it on my Galaxy S2 phone and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If you check out this link here, you will see the full details, and check in at the Android Market for the App, although it is a paid app so you will have to pay a small fee. Oh and I 'spose you can get it at the Apple App store too :-)


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