Wednesday 28 December 2011

Some photos at last !!!

As mentioned on yesterdays blog, Jac and I took a trip out to some old haunts today, and some new ones as well. The forecast was looking good, although with quite a strong breeze, of which more in later blogs.

So here are just a few images of one delightful little male Kestrel who was hovering nicely in the afternoon sun for me. The first is quite a large crop, but after the hover, or more of a wind hang than wing beat, it came closer to me so I was able to get the second and third shots. What a stunning falcon shape it demonstrates in the last image, definitely worth a click to enlarge - beautiful bird.


  1. Great shots, Kestrels do seem to be rather camera tolerant at present

  2. Hello Dude,

    Really, you have taken the nice shots of the Kestrels. I read your post, i really appreciate your experience and i will get good knowledge from their as well. Thanks for sharing it........

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  3. Hi Martin, could really do with some of that nice sunshine here at the moment. Have a good New Year.