Tuesday 5 October 2010

Nothing new

I haven't picked up my camera since returning from the mountains as i have been ill, I am still under the weather but have had lots of tests at the doctors which showed there was nothing to worry about-just one of those things i guess, I have kept baiting areas and the other night i had deer,fox,opossum and raccoon in my garden and that's the first time i have seen the big '4' in my garden in one evening, I take it as a sign that tougher weather is on its way and today i awake to 47 degrees which is about 20 degrees less than last week although the days are lovely, I am back to the private land tonight and will start with some different set ups for birds so that i can get consistent images over the autumn and winter, I also stupidly promised the wife that i would decorate the house once the weather cooled off so guess what i am doing now-me and my big mouth, So nothing really to report except that consistant baiting is very important and even if you are ill or on holiday its very important to keep it going even if you have to ask your wife or neighbour to do it

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