Friday 15 October 2010

Nikon D7000 now shipping

The new and long awaited Nikon D7000 has started to ship, The big boys like Amazon have been telling customers that shipping has been put back to mid Nov and BH and Adorama cant give a date just a preorder and will ship when i stock, Then out of the blue Best Buys have some in stock across the USA, Now Best Buys are similar to UK chain Jessops, i have little time for them but they came through when i needed a 600F4 VR and even Nikon themselves said that it was impossible go get one best buys found 3, So the point of my blog is dont always go straight to the big boys who will probably be sold out for months, Give your local store a call and give them a chance, The difference here in the USA is that if i buy on line i save 8% in tax, Now Martin and myself have always advised in leaving new kit a few months for prices to come down and for glitches to be sorted but i am going to give my local Best Buys a visit tomorrow and have a look at the D7000, Its offers 16mp and is said to have the best high ISO of any cropped sensor camera, I may get one if they have one in stock and give it a work out when i am in the Smokys Saturday onwards for a week, I am hoping that ISO 800 will be as good or better than ISO 400 on my D300,If it is then the D300 will be up for sale and if it isnt then the wifes D5000 will go and the D7000 will stay-a win win situation, More to come in the coming days


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