Friday 15 October 2010

D7000 update

Ok after re reading my blog this morning i now realise its best not to write after a bottle of wine at midnight!!!, Best buys are similar to the UK's Dixon chain and i got my 600F4 VR from Wolf camera which is similar to Jessops-So anyway i did take a trip to Best Buys at Crabtree Mall in Raleigh and sure enough they showed 3 in stock and after much search through cabinets we found them and i bought one,But not until i played my trump card of showing a coupon that i had downloaded off of the internet for 12% discount for silver card members of which i am not, The girl still took the coupon and i did get the discount so in effect ended up getting it locally and paying 4% less than i would have done from B+H, The battery is now in charge and it will get a good work out this coming week in the smokys where i can shoot it side by side with the D300 and D3s


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