Saturday 2 October 2010

Fungi season is well and truly here

I took a walk out in my local woods this morning.  It was bright, but very very wet under foot after a day of torrential rain yesterday.  But as I was hoping, this year is a good season for fungi.  There was so much about from tiny mycena to many much larger clumps of them on logs, and a lot of earth based fungi.

I took my 1Dmk3 and a couple of macro lenses, and will bring you some images on my next post when I have had a chance to process them.

In other local wildlife news and sightings, it was great to see a Grey Wagtail in the middle of Stratford on Thursday morning when I walked to the train station.

I noted some high up House Martins over the house about thirty minutes ago - the last of the migrants?, while at lower level a group of Starlings were harrying a cruising Sparrowhawk out of their airspace.

I am hoping to get out and about with the bigger lens tomorrow, but we will have to see what the weather brings.  the forecast is not looking good at the moment............again.

Well if I get stuck at home I can get some of those images processed to share with you.


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