Saturday 16 October 2010

MIni trip report - Part 3 - Ravens

I like Ravens.  I like their sounds, I like theeir skillful flying and and like the interactions that go on between Ravens, and also with other birds.

Gigrin is a great place to see them as there are lots there.

They are one of the first birds into the feeding arena as with the other Corvids as they are not shy and want to make sure they get their fill early on.

However, being all black birds they are very difficult to photograph well.  I will share a couple of images, not because they are particularly good pohotos - I dont think they are.  But as record shots showing the typical flying, chatting as they go, and also into a typical environmental 'in an Oak Tree in Wales' kind of way.  They can be even more difficult when the light is flat and crap, without even a decent catchlight.

If you click on large, you will still see a fair bit of detail retained.  The 7D does a pretty good job of getting the detail out of a diffcult subject  Both at ISO800.

Kites to come soon - so many to review and process!!


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