Monday 25 October 2010

Fall in the Smokys 4

Its Sunday and we are home, Its been a good week away, We were a tad early for the colour in Tennessee and a bit late for the colour in Boone NC, You either have to live there or be extremely lucky to get it bang on but overall i am quite pleased with the images i got even if there werent any wildlife to speak of, The last 2 days we have been in and around the Boone area, We travelled the Blue Ridge Parkway taking shots at the over looks and visited a couple of waterfalls, One of which was described as strenuous and it was indeed-1 mile down into a deep gorge which meant a mile uphill walk on the way back, Our legs are still very stiff and achy, My much loved 24-70 died on me and will be shipped back to Nikon tomorrow for a repair as i need it back in a week or so, The Zoom ring has locked up although it still works at 35mm, The D7000 has been good, it has a couple of niggles, firstly the dial with the modes is easy to turn my accident, it happened a couple of times and the shutter is a hair trigger, just lightly touch it and bang you have taken a shot, apart from that it seems a good buy and this week i hope to get the opportunity to really test the ISO capabilities, The colours are nice and strong and side by side with the D300 images you can tell which are the D7000's, Just need to find some time to download and process the images,

Fall colours at Linville Falls

And something a little out of the box, I was driving back when i noticed the rising moon over a hill, I liked the way you could see the fir trees-what do you prefer, the moon sharp or the tree and i dont want any comments about ET

Taken with a D300 with 600+1.7x on tripod



  1. Dave, can you blend the two images together, so that both moon and trees are sharp ; Failing that, I prefer the version where the moon's in focus, the reason being it's the moon that, for me, is the main focal point of the shot. Still two cracking images, though :-)

  2. Hi Dave, I've followed yours and Martins blog since day one and can honestly say i think it's the best out there :-). As to the Moon shots I prefer the one with the trees sharp but out of interest would like to see a third shot with the first two blended together so we have both the trees and Moon sharp!! As they are both in the distance that is probably more how our eyes would see it.
    Neil Kristiansen

  3. Neil,

    many thanks for your very kind comments. It is such comments that make it worth our while to know that our readers enjoy our work.

    Agree with the thoughts of blending the two - would make a great composite