Sunday 3 October 2010

Coming and Going

Well the Fall is here and the summer is gone, The lower temperatures have made the hummingbirds migrate-when i say lower temperatures i did get slightly burnt today, The disappearance of the hummingbirds coincided with the reappearance of the opossum, Now i know that opossums do not migrate but i haven't seen one for months and considering we had about 6 around every night i have no idea what they have been doing or where they have been eating, We have now had one visit our garden for the last few nights and i am very pleased to have them return as i find them very endearing and extremely photogenic, I want to shoot them in snow and hopefully this winter it will happen, The bird feeders are starting to get busy and the squirrels have returned, the did a disappearing act last summer and again this summer, I wasn't sure of the local hawks had taken them but back they are and today i watched them taking sunflower seeds from the feeders and bury them in the garden ready for the winter, The winter is always a great time for wildlife photography as food gets harder to find, Its a good time to get the bird feeders filled and kept filled and start a baiting programme for fox etc, As soon as the first frosts come the ground will get very hard and foxes will find digging for worms very difficult , Get your hide up and in place and get some nice perches set up, As always the more effort you put in now the more results you will get over the winter period


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