Monday 4 October 2010

A few from the woods

Well the weather curtailed most of my photo plans yesterday, right from the word go.

So one of my options was to process the fungi shots from Saturday.  As I mentioned, it is a great year this year so here are a few from my first session of the year.

Single Mycena, natural light

Clitocybe, natural light

Clitocybe, with fill flash, now with detail

Nice little group of Mycena

Same group, with a little bit of sunlight breaking through

Now using a little bit of uplight flash reflected with aluminium kitchen foil from below

Slightly lower point of view improves the background

Again with reflected flash to provide uplight

What style do you prefer and why?

All taken with the 1Dmk3 and either Canon 100 macro or 180 macro.  So why use the 1D? - simple - Liveview.  My old 5D doesn't have it and it is dead easy to use on this type of work, where the subject doesn't move



  1. A fine collection of shots, Martin, and thanks for demonstrating the different lighting methods - the favourite style for me would have to be when using the reflector/flash combo, with the images appearing a little warmer from a lighting point of view.


  2. Mines the last Martin I just love how the light is bounced to illuminate the underneath.

    Mark W

  3. I agree with Nigel, I like the reflector/flash combo..looking at the last picture on both my home pc (calibrated) and the non calibrated work laptop, the colours are too much and look like you have used flash, which it not a look I am fond of (each to their own!) so the one for me is the 3rd one up!