Monday 11 October 2010

New Gimbal Head

The Gimbal type head has been around a few years and is 'THE' best head for large telephoto lenses, The best in my opinion is the Wimberley MK2 which i have now been using for about 3 years or so, Jobu make a good head which is similar to the wimberley and then you have the cheaper sidekick versions, All very similar until now, RRS have just announced their own Gimbal head and as you can see its totally different from the others, Its by far the most expensive on the market but being made by RRS you can bet your boots its top quality, There are a couple of nice features where the head comes apart for easy transportation and it also has a fixture on the top to take a flash or even another camera/video, I wont be changing my wimberly for one but if you are in the market then any RRS product is certainly worth a look-see more here


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