Friday 22 October 2010

Hardware and Software - Keeping us mobile

Well a year or so is a long time in hardware development and new bits of kit keep coming out all the time to tempt us to part with our hard earned cash.  Since this blog started we have seen a couple of generations of iPhone come and go, the iPad, stacks of Android smart phones and Netbooks galore as well.

Now regular readers will know that I not a convert of styling over substance products beginning with i.  The only i-thingy we have in the house is an iRON and it does a great job on my shirts even though I don't know how it works.

About 18 months ago, I bought my Netbook which is still a great little performer enabling to blog, email, Facebook, Tweet, LinkdIn and process my images.  I couldn't do all that a number of all those other bits of kit above.  With the exception of processing, I can do all the same on my Android phone.

Now with my change of job this year, I can now spend up to 90 minutes a day on the train, which gets pretty packed at the Birmingham end.  I have seen a couple of folks struggle in the crowded spaces with the iPads, while most others have the needs in their smartphones of one brand or other.  There are now a few with e readers and I am now one of them having bought the stunning Amazon Kindle - fabulous value for money, battery life of about a month and stacked full of books that I have bought and ploughing my way through. With a 6" screen it is very easy to use in a confined space, which sort of got me thinking a while back about how much more convenient the iPad would be if it were smaller and able to be used with one hand.

It was while browsing the web yesterday and came across a couple of stories that puts things into a bit of perspective.  A Steve Jobs rant about competition here which gave me a bit of a laugh and this story which would explain the first one.  So hang fire non i fans the answer is coming soon.  Meanwhile this story indicates that tablets have a long way to go yet in terms of sales.

For the time being, I remain very happy with Netbook, Kindle and phone - but who knows what next year brings.

While I am in thoughtful mode, I will share something tat made me laugh.  Possibly an epic marketing fail.  The new FIFA 11 console game has an image of two football players (thats soccer to you US types)  One of them is Wayne Rooney in a Manchester united shirt - how I laughed

Update:  Looks like Electronic Arts marketing dept can breathe a huge sigh of relief as Wayne does a nifty bit of footwork to U-turn since I wrote this last night

Right - thats enough off topic stoff. Back next time with some more pictures .



  1. Hi Martin this ditty made me smile alright - especially the iRON and still not fathoming it out, see Jacqui still hasnt converted you to our way of thinking just yet.

    Mark W

  2. Haha - glad you liked it Mark. Maybe we should have an occasional Fun Friday slot on the blog for a bit of humour.


  3. Ha well you know or perhaps that could follow a few beers but I think Jacqui may advise against post after drinks!