Friday 12 February 2010

Wildlife on the Television

Apologies to all of our non UK readers as you wont be able to see these unless you have any special arrangements.

Ther have been some great wildlife programmes on our screens recently.

If you missed then then use the BBC i Player and make sure you catch up with Simon King's Shetland Diaries as we trailed in Robbies post from earlier in the week and also The Wilds of Essex from the Natural World series, which was fascinating and beautifully presented and told.

Coming up on Sunday is another from the Natural World on the bonds between parents and their offspring, and then on BBC1 straight after is Countryfile, a series that I am getting more and more into as it has a good coverage of wildlife.

Make sure to set your recorders if you are doing Valentines things though, as I wouldn't want to be responsible for getting between you and your love  :-)


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