Tuesday 16 February 2010

News - a quick wildlife update

After my lengthy post on Sunday, thought I would make it a short and quick update on some wildlife stories that caught my eye.

This story about frogs in the cold weather caused me a little concern as I have yet to see any activty in my pond this year.  It is still early and cold so I am hopeful that normal frog service will be resumed in the next week or two.

Sadly, there are some undesirable folk around and the killings, cruelty and poisonings continue here, here and here.  To add to this theme, the RSPB report that killing continues in Malta and with the migration due soon, we can only hope that this sad story ends.

Meanwhile off the coast of Wexford in Ireland, a young male Humpback Whale has been captured on film breaching.  Some of the stunning images can be seen here on this movie clip.

Hope this is a positive end to the sad stories in the middle of this blogpost.


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