Friday 19 February 2010

Its not what you've got its the way that you use it

With all the talk lately of the Nikon D3s and Canons 1D MK4 you may be thinking that you need the top of the range all singing all dancing gear to get great results-well you dont, Technology has been filtering down the ranges for years and now even base model cameras give excellent results, They may be light on a few features and generally have slower FPS but when set up right and some time is given you can images to be proud of, Once again money is better spent on a decent lens than an expensive camera, If you are starting out in nature photography then a second hand Canon 40D along with a Sigma zoom lens in the 150-400 range will give you good results, Since digital became popular and camera companies realised that they can bring out a new body every year the secondhand market has boomed and people are willing to loose lots of money just to have the latest model whether it is better than the previous model or not, The average Joe will only shoot at the weekend and a couple of holidays so even 2 or 3 year old kit will be lightly used and a good buy, A well used cheap set up will get better results than a badly used expensive one so dont be intimidated by people with all the kit, Learn to use what you have and progress from there



  1. Hi Dave,

    I must agree, I debated long and hard between the 7D and 1D MK4 decided on the 7D couldn't justify the extra cost with 7D being such a good spec

  2. A very well made point, Dave.
    Kind regards