Tuesday 9 February 2010

Nikon Announce news Lenses

This will make alot of Nikon users very happy, Have you noticed on forums that Canon guys look at Nikon with envy for high ISO and Nikon guys look at Canon guys with envy for MP, Well Nikon guys also look at Canon with Envy over some lenses,Namely some primes and Canons F4 range, So here are a couple of Nikons most wanted

The 16-35 F4  and 24 F1.4

I am sure the 16-35 will be a big hit especially with the FF guys and i will be very interested how well it does against the 14-24, The 16-35 has VR and will take filters which the 14-24 cant so will be more versatile

The PMA is soon as there are many rumours of a new body (D900)-not long now before we find out


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