Saturday 20 February 2010

Breezebrowser Pro Update - V 1.9.5

 As regular readers of the blog will know, both Dave and I are fans of Breezebrowser Pro software.

Well there was an update a couple of days to V 1.9.5 that you can see here and download.

Support now available for a whole raft of cameras including the Nikon D3S and X as well as the Canon 1Dmk1v, and loads of others.

Only for PC users luckily for us.  Another good reason to upgrade from over priced Macs.  Why have one piece of white plastic when you can have a desktop and a laptop or netbook with the same specs. and still ave change over  :-)



  1. I'm curious about image selection and tagging tools and rely on CS4 for mo. Correct me if I am wrong but does this compete with Photo Mechanic. If so, do you or Dave have any opinions on how they compare?

    Kind regards

  2. I think photo mechanic is for mac users only, I havent used it although i went through breezebrowser with a mac user and he said BB was faster, I use i purely for browsing and renumbering, You can use it as a RAW converter but there are better around for that purpose, Its not expensive and has stood the test of time