Monday 15 February 2010

Nikon D3s Video

Whilst there are still alot of people moaning about having Video in a Dslr-Its here to stay and whilst Nikon are currently lagging behind Canon with 720P as opposed to 1080P (not for long as Nikon recently announced a 1080P compact) this video shows that 720P is still very usable-See here and here


  1. I've yet to make my mind up on this yet.
    However, I'm relaxed as long as the video controls do not get in the way or take priority over the ergonomics of the still camera controls.

    If and when that day ever comes I will have to take more notice.

    I guess video is an inevitable "nice to have" feature and 1080P is a good headliner for Canon, however at the mo I view it as not having the need to take along a separate camcorder. I shall start to get worried when I realise I spend more time video editing that I currently do raw processing.

    Also, with wildlife photography will there be the dilemma over HQ still versus video when faced with unusual species behaviour. I may have missed this but am I correct in saying that being able to take HQ raw shots whilst running video is still not possible yet?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Julian

    You can take a still whilst using the movie mode but there will be a small jump in the film


  3. Thanks Dave, for clarifying this for me.