Wednesday 17 February 2010

Nikon D3s review on Dpreview

Dpreview put their review up yesterday on Nikons D3s, Their reviews are always worth a read as they go in great detail all the features as well as IQ etc, The D3s does seem to have a bug in the AF that needs sorting as a few people are finding in certain circumstances the AF can be very slow to initialise, Apart from that it seems a dream camera, I have considered upgrading not for the higher ISO capabilities but for the sensor cleaning, Quiet mode and easy Live view access, I like to hit the LV button and use the live histogram feature to set my exposure, On the Canon this was quick and easy, On the D3 i have now its not a quick method and hence i now dont bother, I am going to hold off for the time being as the D4 will be out sometime next year, For me to upgrade would cost around $2000 so i have just put this towards a couple of weeks in Florida in April, Going back to the review it compares the D3s to the D3,D300 and Canons 1D4, What it does show is that the ID4 is about the same as the D3 when comparing ISO an thats something Canon users will be very pleased with, Being able to shoot grain free at ISO 1600 is very liberating, Dpreview will publish the Canon 1D4 review soon so keep your eyes out for that
Review on the D3s here

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