Monday 22 February 2010

Dpreview Canon 1D MK4 review

Dpreview have there 1D4 indepth test now showing here, Gets a clean bill of health but does show how close the 7D is to it in everyday use-maybe time to save some pennies



  1. Dave
    Very thorough review. Interesting angle where author seems to suggest that AF capability enhanced by making more complex and customisable. Only time will tell if this actually works in real world and whether speed of use and handling is slowed up any. Interesting too that it would appear that (in raw) noise is similar to older 1D3 to 1600-3200 ISO (?) (although many more pixels). 7D looks a great value imitator with what appears to be the highest resolution (and "reach" capability)but also much poorer noise control above 800 ISO. Odd also that there are a few design improvements on 7D that didn't make 1D4 (video control just one of them) - interesting.

    Did you note whether 7D has the f4 AF sensitivity that 1D4 has with 17-40L, 24-105L, 300L+1.4, etc? I will need to explore for the 7D as the 300+1,4 combo is what I mostly use. also has a similarly encouraging, albeit much less detailed, review of the 1D4. Canon appears to be making up some lost ground, but to me from these reviews the D3s is at least one stop better and much cleaner at post 6400 ISO than the competition. However, if the 1D4 AF is shown to deliver in the real world then Canon will have closed the gap somewhat of late. If it does I just hope the 7D is not too far behind as this is still on list!

  2. Julian

    re 7D - check out my post in the morning.

    I will check out some of the points you raise and let you know.

    Certainly the centre point is f2.8 and the rest are f5.6 but cross type.