Sunday 16 August 2009

Views - Another Canon Whinge

It has been a brilliant 24 hours or so - saw a great band last night at my local entertainment venue, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band called Fleetwood Bac, made great progress on the decorating and a wonderful relaxing afternoon supping pints of Guinness in a warm and sunny Stratford upon Avon, while being serenaded by a great entertainer in the Dirty Duck, playing the lute and singing Shakespearean songs.

So what has that got to do with my headline above.

It was while I was into my second pint, while watching a traffic warden go about his business that I recalled a recent unsatisfactory interaction with Canon that remains unfinished as far as I am concerned.

As regular readers will know, following a recall of the 1Dmk3 by Canon earlier this year, I posted a number of blogs of the process here, here, here, here and here.

As you will deduce, I was pretty happy with the service and the results - and I still remain so after a further five months.

Following this up, Canon sent out an email to all those who went through the recall process to respond with their feedback - which I chose to do.

Well it was easy enough, the questions were quick and easy to respond to (although I would always recommend that when you give the respondee the choice of options, don't select a middle 'sit on the fence' position - make sure you ask customer whether they are satisfied on not).

And then I got to the last question 'We would welcome any additional feedback that you care to give us about the recall process' - or words to that effect.

Well I did - I spent about fifteen minutes giving a carefully worded and detailed response about the difficulties that users have had with the whole 'mark 3' process - and those who have them or used to have them (Dave) will know exactly what I mean.

The body now works and I am happy with it, the second recall process has been handled exceptionally well as I mentioned in the previous posts - but if you ask you customers for feedback then for God's sake -RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did this over ten days ago - but no acknowledgement.

My company has a policy of responding immediately to any complaints with a holding position that let's the customer know that we acknowledge their concern and will address in full when we have had the chance to consider.

Canon UK choose not to do so.

So in future Canon please don't bother to ask for a response if you are not going to have the decency and respect of your customers to respond.

Conversely, I know that Dave has been full of praise for how Nikon has done it (customer service that is) - so take note!!!!!

Normal service will be resumed with my next posting :-)


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