Monday 24 August 2009

Forums Part 2 plus some bad luck

Just to quickie add to Dave's post from yesterday, I said we would also mention the latest EOS Forum that has just got underway.

Just after we started this blog in January, EOS Forums went off the air as a result of host provider problems, and we kept those fellow EOS readers over here up to speed with events.

We told you about EOS Network, and we told you about Canon Fodder Forums that subsequently were spawned independently.

Well EOS Magazine Forum is now back and live, and certainly getting plenty of new members and contributions, so let's hope it runs reliably in the second incarnation.

On a separate and sad news front, I noted an alert on Birdguides Email Alerts in my local area of a Wryneck that was found in Evesham over the weekend. Now this is a pretty rare bird for most parts of the UK, let alone locally. Sadly, the report was only possible as the bird had been killed by a domestic cat.

We are pleased to have Birdguides as one of our blog followers. If you are not a follower or 'friend' of Wildlifephotographyacrossthewater then just check out the links on the right hand side.


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