Saturday 29 August 2009


Having trawled through forums for a few years one phrase keeps coming up 'my 500 is permenantly attached' Why? is it because you have paid alot of money for it? is it so people think your a pro? or do you feel that thats what you need to take 'wildlife' images, Yes i use a big lens alot but i also like to use 'smaller' lenses to get a different perspective from the mid telephoto animal in context image to the weird and whacky super wide angle images, I have stopped looking at a lot of galleries on forums as the images are starting to look the same-bird on a stick and more times that not not even a nice looking stick to the close up of a lion or tiger-come on guys you have spent a fortune getting to Africa or where ever and used your biggest lens and ended up with a shot you could have got in your nearest zoo-put the big lens down and use something smaller-show the beautiful habitat that these amazing creatures live in-a living landscape, I know in the heat of the moment we all get carried away-i know i have and can look back on a thousand tiger images and think now if only
The other morning i was walking the dog early before the heat got up, I noticed a few small mushroom poking out of the grass in somebodies garden so i popped home and grabbed a variety of lenses to see how they would look from wide to long
So to start-a 600mm f4 on a full frame D3

The same but with a 180mm macro

And finally the same but with a 24-70 @ 24mm

Firstly i will apologise for the crap shots, They were quickly taken and they are just for illustration purposes but they show the same subject in 3 very different,
ways, As you know i am using or trying to get super wide shots of the deer that are in my garden, I have used a 16mm lens to get close ups of squirrels, It takes some thought and time to get these type of images but they are the ones that get more comments from people than the ones taken with the 500/600


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