Monday 10 August 2009

What's your philosophy ?

While having a quick look around some of my favourite sites today, I came across this story about the Beaver reintroduction programme currently underway in Scotland.

This set me thinking a bit about the philosophy of reintroductions or even the introduction of wild life.

If we take the view that tinkering with nature is not good, and many would so that, then maybe we should reflect on the fact that there would be none of the following in the UK.

White Tailed Sea Eagles

Red Kite (probably - as they were down to the last few native pairs in Wales)

Ospreys in England - reintroduced to Rutland Water (although starting on their won now in other parts of northern England)

Little Owl

European Eagle Owl (from escaped or released falconers birds)

Ring Necked Parakeets

Muntjac Deer

Sika Deer

Chinese Water Deer

Large Blue Butterfly

Grey Squirrel ( and Red Squirrel in some parts of England - Formby for example, were of Spanish or Italian stock I believe)


Now these last two you are probably thinking that we should just wipe them out. But these were introduced and are now causing many other problems.

So where do you stand on this?

Re-introductions or just let nature take it's course?

It would be great to have lots of comments on this - we get up to a hundred visitors or so, so we really would like to get some comments and feedback.

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Thanks and we look forward to sharing

On a final note, tomorrow is our 250 post since Dave and I started the blog in January - we have not missed a single day yet and hope we can continue - Again any feedback for additional material will be welcomed.

Look out for our next Guest photographer slot, which will be on Wednesday this week from Tony Wharton FRPS


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  1. Well I will start the ball rolling. The argument that we shouldn't tinker with nature would be fine if we weren't responsible for the decline of some species in the first place. Our current tinkering is probably just redressing the balance.