Sunday 9 August 2009

Dedicated Magazines

Both Canon and Nikon have their own dedicated magazines with articles about the latest and greatest products,Interviews and technical/technical pieces, The other day i received my first 'Nikon World' mag and spent part of yesterday going through it to see how it compares to the EOS mag that i used to subscribe to, Well first impressions are very good, The quality of the product is excellent-The paper is good quality and the image quality is superb, The articles are both imformative and intersting,for the cost of $16.95 for 4 copies a year its a bargain
Canons EOS magazine is of a very similar vein and something that every EOS user will find useful to own, i did think that the last couple of issues that i received had dropped in the quality of its make up but thats i feel because its techy guy Dave Newton had stopped writing so much for them and thats the main reason i stopped my subscription,Not because i use Nikon as i like to keep abreast of current camera gear and techniques and theres always the possiblity of seeing a Canon camera back in my bag one day-its just a tool after all, I hope that the EOS mag is now as good as it always was-well worth the suscription either way
You can get details of the Nikon World mag at and the Canon EOS mag at


  1. Looks good but it's for US only.

  2. Hi Iain
    I hadnt noticed that, I cant understand why-maybe send Nikon a mail asking why