Tuesday 25 August 2009


No not with a fork and spade, With autumn fast approaching it will soon be time to think about Fungi, Its something i have always enjoyed shooting but they tend to be in messy areas so one item i always take with me are a pair of scissors to clip any grass or weeds that are in the way-tidy the scene-some tweezers also come in handy so you can remove debris without disturbing or damaging the main subject-take your time as it cant move and go anywhere and constantly check and recheck through the cameras viewfinder to see what the image looks like. Take a shot and review it on screen making sure that the image is clean and that you have the right DOF, if not redo the shot, Time is your friend with this type of shooting and the more 'gardening' effort you put in the better the images will come out, Of course this approach is not just for Fungi but all types of wildflowers, By taking time and looking at your subject and the background to make sure the image is clean will help in all of your photography

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