Thursday 20 August 2009

News - New Kit Silly Season

As normal at this time of year it is the rumours silly season.Justify Full
What are Canon going to launch? What are Nikon going to counter launch? Blah blah blah!!!

Well I have been guilty in the past of being interested, and followed various sources of rumours such as here.

But I guess once bitten, twice shy - I will not be among the first 'beta' testers of any new gear again, unless Canon are happy to send it my way of course.

' Beta testing' when you pay seems to be the worst of all worlds - you get 'buggy' kit and it costs you more as prices stay close to RRP!!!!

Dave and I are both guilty of this - with the 1Dmk3. And from Dave's recent post, it seems that Nikon are up to the same tricks as well now.

So whenever a new body, or new lens for that matter comes out, I will remain happy to sit back and watch............and wait.

On a more positive note, Canon launched the G11 yesterday. If you had read my post on Tuesday, I would be quite happy for one of these to live in my Netbook bag.

So anyway all you rumour jockeys, keep your eyes peeled for whatever comes out in the next couple of weeks - so that will be the 1D replacements then!! :-)


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