Tuesday 18 August 2009

Local Patch - Just outside my office!!

I was sitting at my desk in the office yesterday on my first day back after a week off when I got a call from the Estates Manager.

"Martin - there is a huge moth here, see if you can identify it"

So I went out into the middle of a large building complex, and found this.

It is a Poplar Hawk Moth - female, buff phase.

So now you regular readers are probably thinking what has happened to the quality of Martin's close up work!!!

Well I don't take my gear to work on the off chance, so out came my 5 mega pix camera phone - a Sony Ericsson to get this, about 8 feet off the ground, so at arms length, on black glass with bright sun mirrored in.

However, I hadn't seen one before, like Dave with his Assassin bug, so thought I would get the shot that I could.

I really need to put a Canon G10 in my Netbook bag and carry with me at all times.

Canon - you heard my whinge two days ago - how about sending me one!! :-)


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