Sunday 23 August 2009


The web is alive with forums that deal with all kinds of photography, I have been an avid forum goer for many years and in that time forums have come and gone but the best survive, I have learnt alot from not just visiting photographic forums but also meeting up with other like minded people who also use them-Its how i met Martin
If you don't already know these then pop in and have a look (NPN)-One of the best Nature Photographers site
UKNP-A division of NPN for UK European Nature Photographers
Naturescapes-One of the best Nature Photographers site
Nikonians-Purely for the Nikon user
EOS Networks-Purely for the Canon user, A new site but one that will quickly grow-tutorials,vidoe and tuition-Run by Canon techy Dave Newton who will be our featured photograher in the next few weeks Photographer Arthur Morris's site
Rob Galbraith-Full of reviews and in depth tests
Dpreview-Covers all aspects-full of squabbling back stabbers but lots of info
Fred Miranda-Lots of tests and feedback from people who use the gear and some good software

As i say there are thousands to choose from and i have visited many but these are the ones that i visit the most and could recommend, Whilst i don't post on many-maybe 2 or 3 of the above the info available from them is invaluable


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