Saturday 8 August 2009

Local Patch - Garden News (again)

Well as I said before, decorating is the main activity so I keep an eye out the window for my wildlife fix now.

This week has been interesting on the butterfly front. At the last time of writing on this, you couldn't move for Painted Ladies. Well a couple of days after that, it was Whites - Large, Small and Green Veined - up to fifty again either on the food - buddleia amongst others.

Today was the day of the Peacock - suddenly there were about twenty five, plus quite a few Small Tortoiseshells. It has been fascinating watching the different cycles of these.

But there have been a few other firsts of note this week. Today saw my first White Admiral in the garden, plus a female Common Darter dragonfly, with a male a few days before.

There have been reports of swarms of ladybirds - well we haven't seen swarms here, but there are certainly more than at any other time of the year.

Wasps get a bad press quite often, and they have been very busy eating up the pears that have splits in them.

So a few images of things I don't think I have posted before on the blog from the garden.

Female Common Blue

Native Species White Pond Lilly
Taken using HTP
See this post for technique

Large White

Small Tortoiseshell

Wasps in the Pears

and again


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