Friday 28 August 2009


With lots of moths finding their way into the house in the evenings now, it reminded me that National Moth Night is fast approaching, so now is the time to get ready. This event is now jointly run by the Butterfly Conservation group, who regular readers will know I have been a strong advocate of.

Moth traps come in a range of types such as Skinner, Robinson and Heath. More details can be found here. Skinner is probably the most ubiquitous.

There are a range of different light types to consider which will depend very much on whether you have neighbours or not. If you do, then consider the black light 'actinic' types to minimise annoyance and nuisance.

You may also need a good book so I have put the details of my recommendations below.

It would be great to hear of any of your mothing experiences or see any of your photos if you want to share them with us.


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