Tuesday 21 July 2009

News (Sad) - The Swifts are leaving

It only seems like five minutes ago that I wrote this blog posting about the arrival of the Swifts over my house. How time passes quickly.

Today while I was sitting at my PC at work writing up various reports, I glanced out of the window to see many Swifts, quite low over the buildings, in the terrible weather all heading south or southwest. Now I don't usually see Swifts over the office very much so it was an unusual sight. This carried on throughout the day. So it looks like they are heading back south on their exceptionally long migration back to southern Africa.

This lead me to thinking about some of mine and Dave's philosophies about wildlife photography. We have set out to make this an entertaining, educational and generally useful blog for a wide range of readers from a photographic perspective. However, it is also important , if we are genuinely passionate about the natural world to ensure that we understand our subjects, learn about them and increase our knowledge, particularly where circumstances make their lives difficult.

I also recently posted about the RSPB Swift survey that I hope that you responded too - please be quick if you haven't before they have all gone south.

So one of my favourite birds will not be back for another nine months. It seems rather ironic that such a fabulous bird only stays for such a short time.


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