Saturday 4 July 2009

Sometimes something very useful comes along

With thanks to the EOS Network this fabulous little application came to my notice.

The Photographers Ephemeris is an application that gives you sunrise/sunset times, plus angles of declination.

So what I have one of those little plastic sunrise/sunset compasses I hear you say.

Well I have one too - somewhere. But this little application, courtesy of Stephen Trainor is available for free and can be found here. You will also need to download Adobe AIR if you don't already have it.

It now sits on my little Samsung Netbook and goes with me wherever I go. I can just select the location I am at, look at the map shown and see exactly where the sun rises and sets.

This is a vital and wonderful tool for those golden hour shots so we can work out where we need to go, even before we leave home.

So thanks to Stephen and EOS Network.

Fianlly apologies to Peter Edge - sorry I deleted your comments on my recent Canon Prices blog rather than publish - If you could write again, I will hit the right button this time.

Phew just made the post in time - still maintaining our daily record of a post each day


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