Tuesday 28 July 2009

Local news

I have my first visitors over from the UK this week so no chance of getting out, I have continued to feed the birds, deer and mammals that visit the garden ever day/night, The ruby throated hummingbirds have finally started to arrive and i have seen them 3 times either on the feeders or nearby, You cant imagine just how small hummingbirds are until you see them in real life, Last night i shone the torch across the garden and nearby woodland and a grey fox was sitting watching which is always nice to see and i must start making an effort to get some images, Last week i was at the BBQ and had just put some corn out for the deer when a white tail came slowly out and started to feed, It looked at me a few times and then carried on,a fawn soon followed so the next night i put my D3 and 14-24 out on the beanbag with some camo netting over it,within a few minuted a deer came out but instantly stopped and after 20 mins over stamping its feet and moving left and right it disappeared back into the woods,The corn was gone in the morning,The next night the same thing but with 5 deer so i have swapped the camera for a water bottle and hope that they get used to this soon so that i can swap it back and get some shots
So back to entertaining my guests and enjoying the 90 degree heat that we have hear this week


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