Friday 24 July 2009

Lens hood and Lens Coat

I received a package from Nikon yesterday and apart from 2 small screws that are back ordered i had all the parts to put the lens hood for my 600VR together, Not a difficult job but very fiddly,The last time i said that they had sent the worlds smallest screws well i was wrong as 2 screws 1/2 the size came yesterday,anyways although i am 2 screws short its still usable, The only problem is that when the hood went flying over the mountain side it had a lens coat on it,Now the lens coat kit for this lens is in about 6 pieces-i only need 1 piece so i contacted lens coat yesterday and explained the situation expecting a 'sorry but we only sell full kits' but the nice people there responded quickly and said that they would in this instance make a custom piece for me, Great customer service from a company making a great product, The lens coats look and feel great-fit well and will over time pay for themselves by protecting your investment, Their range is for ever growing so check out their website here


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