Sunday 19 July 2009

Hardware & software - Virtual Screen Res on Netbooks

Well I promised that I would share how you can get 1024 x 768 res on a netbook screen that has a native res of 1024 x 600 when I posted our first guest photographer blog on John Bulpitt on Friday just gone.

I found this after a bit of googling and found that some people were saying this was possible.

Now why would you want more res. than the screen can support. John made the point in his post that certain bits of software need a minimum screen res to run, including some of the Photoshop series, the Canon software and of interest to me is my colour calibration Eye One 2 software.

So here is how you do it.

On the desktop, right click and select properties. On the Settings tab, select Advanced button. Then on the monitor tab untick the box that says 'Hide modes that this monitor cannot display.

Click Apply and OK. Then back to the Display properties window and use the slider to select 1024 x 768 res.

And again Apply and OK.

Now when you see the screen you will either be missing the top or the bottom. Just use the scroll part of the built in mousepad to scroll the screen up and down.

I moved my desktop icons down to ensure I could see them all when using the taskbar and quick launch bar.

Now you may not get on with this but I find it is pretty easy really.

Would be good to get your feedback on how easy you find this.

So finally apologies that none of this is any good for our Mac readers, but you could always upgrade to a PC so you can get the benefits of Breezebrowser :-)



  1. Upgrade??? And here I was thinking you were a technical chap. I would like breezebrowser but it isn't worth a backward step into the Microsoft world.

  2. You got my little joke then Pete ?


  3. Virtual res. on netbooks,Many thanks for your info on installing CanoN DPP it works a treat dont mind the scrolling as I can now use my EOS utilties in the field cheers Mick.