Thursday 2 July 2009

Canon Prices - Another whinge!!

So you have a Canon Mr-14EX ring flash and you are of course very happy that it fits straight on to your Canon 100mm f2.8macro lens.

You then get you hands on the Canon 180 f3.5 macro and find that the MR14 doesn't fit. So over to the Canon flash accessories section and you find there are three adapters for different sized filter threads. The three sizes are 52mm, 58mm and 72mm. They are all essentially the same - a pressed and threaded piece of metal - so all the same price eh?

Not on your life - £14.99 for the two smaller diameters, and £29.99 for the larger for the 180.

So Canon assume that because you can afford to buy the 180, you can pay more for the adapter.

This is pure profiteering Canon - and we call on you to stop this unfair practice.

OK Whinge over now - must be the heat


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