Friday 15 May 2009

Trip Reports - Mull - Day 6

And so to the final day. Windy again and quite grey. Up early again and into the hide for a few more garden birds - mostly siskin again, plus a few more moths from the moth trap.

Out and about the wind made it difficult for the small birds so I found a few plant species to photograph including milkwort, sundew and helleborine. I used a series of flashes with the macro ring flash acting as the master to wireless trigger. I will do a separate technique section on that at a later date.

Then it was off to Craignure for the talk tonight and my thanks to the thirty or so that turned out. I enjoyed it and hope they did to.

Good view of a Tawny Owl on the way back. Final bird count at 89 species for the week so hoping for an early morning barn owl on the way to the early ferry to make it a round 90.

Thought I wasn't going to be able to post tonight, but just made it, keeping up our record of posting every day since Dave and I started the blog back in January.



  1. Congratulations on a number of achievements there that you (both) must be very proud of at this difficult and unfortunate time for Dave. I have followed this blog from the start and wish to thank you both for the inspirational advice imparted to date. It will take me a long while to achieve the high standard of image making that both you and Dave exhibit, but the blog inspires me (and surely many others)to perservere to learn and improve. A fantastic project and achievement and best wishes for the future. Kind regards, Julian.

  2. Julian,
    Many thanks for your very kind comments - it is very much appreciated and makes it worth while.


  3. Hi Martin,
    Have followed your Mull trip on the blog... it makes me dream.
    Well done in keeping everything going while Dave goes through this very sad time

  4. Great Blog. Now I know what you get up to.

  5. Great blog. Follow it daily!