Wednesday 27 May 2009

Agency work

Its great to have an agent or 2 to help sell some images and get some pennies rolling in, These days it seems everybody has a digital camera and agencies are getting very picky who they sign up, So you have to prove to them that you can keep a good quantity of quality images coming in on a regular basis, This means spending as much time out in the field getting a good collection of stuff that you hope they will accept-this also means that you will be spending many hours stuck behind the PC/Mac, Today i have just finished 650 images that will be sent out as submissions for agencies to pick which they feel will be good sellers or will plug gaps in their portfolios-so here are a few of the fox images that took in Switzerland that have seen the first light of day since i took them a year ago

Of course not all the images in the submission are foxes-they account for around 150 images,But agencies like to have images done in a project fashion so that when some good images of one species come in their salesmen can get the jungle drums going so that books/mags/calenders know that a variety of fresh work is in


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