Saturday 9 May 2009

Trip Preparations - the final touches

So your kit is cleaned and you have packed it for safe travel. What next?

My final preparations include checking the Met!! So it is off to The Met Office to see what weather we can expect or Met Check is another good source, which also gives sunrise and sunset times.

If you have a way to drive, check out the Highways Agency site for travel conditions, and if I want en route up to date, I sometimes call their Information Line on 08457 504030, the old cones hot line for routing information.

The car is packed but I make sure I have what I need ready to hand to shoot that sudden situation that presents itself. So the camera is set with all the settings that I think I might need, the 500 with the 1.4 eftc fitted. Bean bag at the ready and binos too.

You can bet your bottom dollar that something will present itself to you, your gear wont be ready and by the time it is your subject will have fled.

One of the first things I also do when I arrive in a location is to get a tide table, as this will be vital for those seascape shots plus all of your wildlife that is water dependant

Finally, I have just been reminded don't forget your sunscreen and anti midge juice (which I have)


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