Thursday 28 May 2009

News - Cuckoos in the News

Bad news sadly - seems that numbers are done significantly, judging by this story on the BBC yesterday and The Times today. Also worth a listen to this too on the BBC iPlayer, at least if you are UK based. Apologies to our overseas readers

I would agree with this situation in England, based on my unscientific observations as I have only heard three so far, all in the same woods last weekend on my butterfly trip.

However, over the last four years I have heard and seen plenty while on Mull. In fact on one very memorable occasion last year, I saw three together, one female and two males. I guess the host nest sites (Meadow Pipits) and source food are readily available.

Hope you have been watching and enjoying Springwatch each night this week too. I missed Tuesday's episode, but will catch up with it at the weekend.


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