Monday 11 May 2009

Trip report - Mull - Day 2

Well I bottled out of the overnight camp - it was about zero deg C last night here and pretty much the same again tonight is forecast, so I have opted for creature comforts of a proper bed and warm room.

No pictures tonight as this is just a quick update. Left the accommodation at 0600 this morning, after scraping ice from the car and drove the 90 minutes it takes down to Ffinnaphort at the south western tip of the island to get the ferry across to Iona. Lots of great sights en route, including a lovely backlit heron that I got a few images of.

The Lochs were glassy calm and with the clear air the scenery was stunning.

While waiting for the ferry, I was entertained by a few Gannets fishing, with their characteristic dive bombs into the water.

Corncrakes on Iona were remarkably quiet today. I heard a total of five but just had brief sightings of one, of which I managed to get a few images, although sadly against a mown grass background.

I did see my first Painted Lady butterfly of the year which was an unexpected bonus though.

Great sightings of both Golden and White Tailed Eagles on the drive back through Glen More.

I stopped off at a couple of locations where I have seen Otter before but sadly none showing this evening.

A final drop in to a Sand Martin colony yielded a few more images to end the day. A great day, out for a total of 14 hours.

The light was stunning this morning so will be looking forward to a few more early starts.

Arthur put his moth trap out for the last two nights - I was hoping to photograph whatever we caught, but sadly none on either night.


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