Monday 18 May 2009

Mull Trip Round Up

Well having finally got back from my trip north it is back to reality.

About 1000 images give or take to download and review over the next few days. Breezebrowser will come into its own there. See Dave's post from earlier this year here.

Weather conditions were rarely perfect - either bright harsh sunlight or when the light was spot on it was windy which made it tricky for the smaller birds and also turning to plants was also difficult.

I was pleased to get a lot of species photographed this year that I had either overlooked or where the opportunities hadn't previously presented themselves.

It was good to see the moth trap in action and understand a little about that side. I just need to get a book now and identify the ones I saw.

I also filled in some more gaps with mammals, plant life and the topography. All these areas will be important for widening the scope of my Mull talk, which I have to give twice more this year at least.

I will post a summary of some of my images later in the week as a final round up.


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