Wednesday 13 May 2009

Trip Reports - Mull - Day 4

Yet another hot and very bright day with quite a strong breeze that made wildlife watching and photography more tricky.

Watched the garden stuff this morning first thing with a lovely Male Redpoll, plus numerous Siskins. I altered the set up after a while so am hoping to get some time in the hide tomorrow and get a few of some of the species I am a bit light on images of. Also got some great images of Rock Doves who also pop in every day.

Further afield, I had a great time watching Male Hen Harrier again as well as more Golden and Whiter Tailed Eagles.

Also find a nice small herd of Red Deer which enabled me to add these to my Mull image bank.

No other new species today to add, as it was quite a tricky watching day, plus I was feeling pretty lazy after the two previous tiring days.

As I mentioned previously on the blog last week, I am giving a talk on Friday to close out Wild Isles Week on the programme so caught up with the projector today to make sure it all connects properly. There is nothing more infuriating, particularly for the audience when IT difficulties surface. So preparation is the key.

So two days left - time flies by, sadly, when you are having fun.


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