Monday 4 May 2009

News from around the world

While thinking about what to write today, I thought I would have a browse around a few sites and share some of the key links with you.

One site that caught my eye is Wildlife Extra, a thoroughly comprehensive site, with a great section on wildlife news. While it is my preference to shoot UK based wildlife, this site has given me some good insights to other parts of the world. Certainly one for the bookmarks in my Firefox browser.

Looking forward to just over a weeks time, I regularly check out Arthurs Blog, on the Discover Mull website. I am pleased to hear that the Slow Worms and Toads are in the garden so look out for those when I start to post trip reports in a week's time.

I should also mention the Durham Bird Club website with extra special thanks to Gavin who I met yesterday by the River Wear. Thanks for showing me round to one or two places. Had some great sightings today. Always amazing how when you meet a stranger how common interests can be shared. And yes I got to see my Kingfishers, although not close enough for images, but saw it fishing, so was well happy with that.


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