Friday 22 May 2009

Trip Report - Thrislington NNR

As I mentioned here last weekend, I went to an interesting place with many Early Purple Orchids on the run back from Scotland.

The site is the Thrislington NNR in County Durham, a site rich in magnesium limestone so good for wildflowers.

Just across the road from the site is a Lafarge quarrying site, which can be seen in the background of the first image.

This image was taken with the Canon 24-70f2.8L lens to give an environmental shot of the subject and habitat.

This second image was taken using the Canon 180f3.5L macro lens, which really is a beautiful bit of kit which I am very thankful for the loan of at the moment. It has been seeing some good use and hope to get more fine images this summer.

Both were taken with the gear on a tripod set to low level, and manual focussed and exposed.


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