Saturday 30 May 2009

Local patch - Stratford upon Avon

One of the great finds I made this year is a little wildlife reserve within walking distance of where I live. It was a beautiful evening last night with strong late sun, so with the breeze easing I took a short walk. I took the 1D111 and 180 macro on the off chance, as you do. Well I was pleased to see eight Painted Lady butterflies. There is a veritable flood of these migrants into the UK this year, and I have seen quite a number passing through the garden as well.

Additionally, there were two male Orange tips, five Speckled Woods, three large Whites, two Small Whites, a Small Heath and finally this beautiful Large Skipper on the second image.

Painted Lady

Large Skipper

After I had completed this little walk, I took a drive to a location where there are many Common Spotted Orchids. It is still too early for them yet, but they are not far off now. I also found over a dozen of another species of Orchid, which are just coming up too. I am pretty sure I know what they are, and am hoping that I will be right. I will let you know if I was right when I photograph them.


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