Monday 1 June 2009

Trip Report-Colorado

Sorry for the late post-out at dawn and its now gone 6pm here and i have just returned-Knackered doesn't even come near-we were shooting past 14000 feet-yes that's right and the air was extremely thin-making each breathe a struggle and giving me a blinding headache-all part of altitude photography-we worked hard and walked as far as i could go without passing out-all in all a success, We managed to shoot a mountain goat along with Pica and Marmot of which there were a few-hoping to have some good stuff after i have downloaded them and will post some next time, the weather was great this morning but clouded over in the afternoon and we had some snow fall just to make life a little harder-i should certainly loose some weight this week-no comments please-its been a couple of years since i seriously did some mountain work and today it really showed


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