Wednesday 17 June 2009

Nikon D3 repair

I mentioned last week that my Nikon D3 body had been sent in for repair after getting 'cd' error,I had a mail from Nikon on Monday confirming that they have received the body,They also sent me a code to use to track the work-excellent so after logging in my works page came up with a description of what the problem is and a code-mine was to say that minor parts would be used and an estimate-mine was $0 as its under warranty,So the normal procedure would be to OK the estimate and then it would appear- estimate verified,Then as today mines in the works for repair then works complete and shipped-along with shipping details,This way i don't have to contact Nikon asking whats going on as i can see myself-Great idea and i am wondering why certain other manufactures cant do the same


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